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Liability Insurance Assessment

With years of insurance experience, we can immediately help you understand where your exposure is and if your insurance coverage is adequate for your practice. Let us review your coverage and be sure that your business, your license, and your family is protected. 

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Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Why wear every possible hat? Our team of highly skilled professionals speak the compliance language. We can assess your areas of risk that impact all aspects of operations. We focus on solutions and removing barriers in order for you to focus on running a therapy business. 

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The one item everyone agrees is terrible: Documentation. Our perspective is different because we are! We have practical insight and real-world experience. We communicate with a crystal clear and proven approach, to allow therapists the oppurtunity to finally learn and understand how to document their skilled therapy services. Not more, just what is needed!  

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Due Diligence

Are you looking to buy or sell? With our due diligence reviews, you can now understand where your exposure and risk are before a deal. Our therapy industry experts will conduct detailed reviews of documentation, coding and billing in order for you to make an informed decision with confidence. 

Physiotherapists Training

Just graduated? Don't suffer because of a steep learning curve. We offer services on everything you need as a new therapist. State practice reviews, continuing education requirements, onboarding role-based training, direct access and more. Let us help you get up to speed and into treating quickly without wasting valuable clinical time.  

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Denials & Appeals

It's not a question of if, but when. Post-Pandemic denials are surging and simply ignoring them will trigger future headaches. Let us help you manage and appeal the denials quickly. We also educate your team on how to respond in future cases without the additional administrative burden!  

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