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March Madness: Why Defense Wins Games

As coach "Red" Sanders famously said “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”  Anyone who follows competitive sports knows that without an effective defense strategy, it’s hard to win games. College Basketball is awesome, and this year’s men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments have been very exciting to watch. Caitlin Clark was superb with over 12 million watching Iowa outscore LSU. And the Alabama men’s team was simply dialed in, breaking school records.

Basketball player holding ball on basketball court.

Many of you reading this would probably agree that College Basketball is even more enjoyable than following the pro leagues. Student athletes are unique in the sense that for 99% of them, this is the final opportunity to demonstrate how good they are before graduation and “real life.”

The team approach, discipline, game plans and respect for coaches are so clearly on display that they inspire you to want to commit yourself to the game somehow; usually through March Madness brackets. You may even feel compelled to start playing some ball yourself during halftime. As a therapy practice owner, results typically don’t happen by accident. You can't create success without a well-crafted strategy. Time, energy, focus and attention to detail are all necessary to accomplish both short and long-term goals.

Like everyone, you purchase liability insurance because it protects you, but you never want to have to use it. The age-old argument that a business owner can’t see a return on investment from compliance is true. Yes, I said it! That’s because the institutional “experts” for therapy compliance were not only risk-averse but disconnected from operations. Historically, compliance experts really didn’t understand how to transition from a good defense to a winning offense.

Every basketball fan knows that changing a defensive strategy depends on who’s on the court. That means if you’re running a man-to-man, 2-3 zone, or a box and one defense, you will have different outcomes because of the multiple variables involved. The coaching staff are the experts in guiding the team's talent. Regardless of how your March Madness bracket turns out, you have the opportunity now to partner with skilled "coaches" that know how to win by creating unique compliance programs that complement your talents in the clinic.

Are you sick and tired of being told “no” to every initiative or program you want to implement? It’s time to move forward from the “established bias” surrounding therapy compliance and every growth idea you have being described as “not recommended.”   You mitigate risk by having insurance policies, but what if you turned a typical defensive compliance strategy into operational success. Let me explain how:

First, we assess your clinical operations workflow and roadmap. Then we review your company’s objectives and available resources in order to align expectations with future success. Next, we identify areas of concern and present solutions for how to implement your goals. Finally, we provide you with the tools necessary to actually operate your compliance requirements. Our exceptional ability to provide timely guidance is just one feature that separates us from the competition.

Learn how affordable, convenient, and comprehensive we have made compliance for your clinic! We specialize in strategizing how to stay within the regulatory boundaries, while enhancing your operational success. Contact us today and experience how a great defense through a meaningful compliance program translates into a winning offense.

Daniel Hirsch PT, DPT, CHA, OHCC, COCA is a physical therapist licensed in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York with over 15 years of risk management and compliance experience. He is CEO of Risk & Compliance Analytics LLC, a comprehensive compliance solution for outpatient therapy practices. He has experience in both Property & Casualty and Life & Health Insurance, has served as the Chief Compliance Officer for large multi-state Physical Therapy practices, is an educator on Therapy Ethics and the Profession, and has numerous compliance and ethics certifications.

You can find Daniel on Linkedin:

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